Meet Our Assessors!

Meet The Assessors

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Lucy Brewer – Jigsaw Academy Assessor

Lucy is our Jigsaw Academy Assessor, she has over 15 years of experience working in nurseries in various different roles.

On top of this, Lucy has a BA Hons Degree in Early Years studies and her NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

Lucy’s qualifications and experience lead to her ability to assess her students.

Lucy works closely with her students offering them bespoke support when necessary and is fantastic at keeping her students motivated and striving for greatness.

Vanessa Dooley – Internal Quality Assurance

Vanessa is our IQA at Jigsaw Academy and ensures that all assessment activities have been conducted fairly and safely.

Vanessa will monitor all teaching, assessments and interactions to ensure that all students are treated equally and receive the support they need to complete the course.

We are constantly reflecting on what we do and how we can do it better and Vanessa plays a big part in making sure that we are providing the best teaching that we can do and that everyone is being supported.